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= "Aloe Vera"

SO JUICY :: These days we’re not just tossing tequila back from our shot glasses. Twice daily we’re shooting the not-as-tasty but oh-so-better for you concoction known as aloe vera juice. The benefits are both inside and out:

On the inside:

•    Drinking aloe vera juice provides essential amino acids and a long list of vitamins
•    Aloe vera is an excellent way to encourage a strong immune system
•    The juice aids in digestion, and can be a solution for constipation
•    It helps support strong teeth and strengthens gums

On the outside, aloe is famous for being a full-body moisturizer. It’s anti-inflammatory properties can even be effective for acne, sunburn, blisters, bites and rashes. No wonder we’ve gone through two litres already this summer.

Chase with Petron.


* This is not medical advise. Consult your doctor before taking aloe juice.



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