PODCAST :: LGBT Progress In The Canadian Armed Forces

PODCAST :: LGBT Progress In the Canadian Armed Forces is vastly different that that of its American counterpart, where just last year President Donald Trump (gosh that’s still hard to type) tweeted he would not “accept” or “allow” transgender people from serving in the U.S. Army.

For Captain Andre P. Jean, who identifies as gay and has served in the Canadian Armed Forces since his late teens, the Canadian Army has come a long way.

In a candid conversation with GGN Publisher Shaun Proulx, Captain Jean shares the trajectory of his remarkable time In the Canadian Armed Forces. From mountainous challenges such as being soundly bullied once he came out to his army colleagues (with perhaps the worst of this coming from a female superior who sexually harassed him convinced she could “change” him) to the life-affirming experience of being responsible for D-Team, the LGBT diversity group within the army that was the driving force behind the Canadian Armed Forces’ first appearance ever in a Canadian pride parade, just last year, at Fierte/Montreal Pride – an idea suggested by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Captain Jean’s unique LGBT story of his time with the Canadian Armed Forces is a must-listen:


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