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By on January 3, 2015

The ingredients for the Dr. Oz 3-day Reset.

The Dr. Oz 3-Day cleanse began circulating the Internet this fall. We made experienced cleanser, GGN publisher Shaun Proulx give it a whirl:

“Oh my god,” reports Proulx. “I wouldn’t recommend this as a first cleanse to someone who hadn’t already experienced a typical and healing crises. Because this cleanse is all liquid, I found that I noticed what I call “food noise” on high volume. Every time I watched TV it was all junk food commercials. Walking up the street, I’ve never seen so many restaurants and take-out spots. Food, food, everywhere. It’s amazing how bombarded we are with temptation and encouragement to eat. I found it quite torturous for the first two days. By day three I was feeling great. Going off it I made the mistake of flying to LA and imbibing with friends right away. My system, newly re-set, wasn’t ready for booze and junkie food and I paid for it all night long. If you try this cleanse, definitely ease back into your regular diet. I’d do it again though. It really reduced my normal sugar cravings, booze cravings, all the cravings I have for the bad stuff. Months later I don’t turn to any of it like I used to.”

Caveat: Despite Dr. Oz’s claim that the cleanse costs $16 per day, our bill for everything he includes in the recipes came to $30 per day.


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