JANN ARDEN :: So Many Regrets

INTIMATE INTERVIEW :: Shaun Proulx spent this past winter interviewing a host of fascinating people about their take on the pursuit of success and happiness. In this conversation with the iconic Jann Arden, hear the singer/songwriter share the stories of her biggest regret, being promiscuous in the early days of her career, and what it’s like to look back at the person she once was:

Watch this space for upcoming conversations including: Hollywood studio executive DeVon Franklin and the legendary author of The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron.

Shaun Proulx is the publisher of TheGayGuideNetwork.com and is addicted to the pursuit of happiness. Follow him on Twitter. Download a free sample of his upcoming book, HIMBO! here.



  1. What an inspiring interview! Thanks so much for interviewing one of my favourite people, Jann Arden.
    Do you have any contests to celebrate Pride 2013?


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