SPIRITUALITY :: Karma Is Not A Bitch

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SPIRITUALITY :: When somebody intentionally acts in a negative way to hurt someone – through cheating, stealing, lying, slandering…you name it – the hurt person typically re-acts either by lashing instantly, or letting it go. Many who “let it go” do so because they believe karma will work its magic.

How many times have you heard, or, said: “Karma is a bitch” – the subtext being that  karma is a mean girl who will get back at whoever put the mean out first?

Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. Think of karma as the spiritual equivalent of Newton’s Law of Motion. “For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.” Karma suggests that when we exhibit a negative force of thought, word, or action, the same negative energy will come back to us.

However, karma is not meant to be a punishment. It is here to educate people. How else is someone going to learn how to be a good person if they are never taught that harmful action is wrong. A person only suffers if they have created the conditions for suffering.


These are the basic rules of Karma, that can make life easier


To receive happiness, peace, love, and friendship, one must BE happy, peaceful, loving, and a true friend.

Whatever one puts out into the Universe will come back to them.


Life requires our participation to happen. It does not happen by itself.

We are one with the Universe, both inside and out.

Whatever surrounds us gives us clues to our inner state, surround yourself with what you want to have in your life and be yourself.



One must accept something in order to change it.

If all one sees is an enemy or a negative character trait, then they are not and cannot be focused on a higher level of existence. 


“Wherever you go, there you are.”

It is we who must change and not the people, places or things around us if we want to grow spiritually.

All we are given is ourselves. That is the only thing we have control over.

When we change who and what we are within our hearts, our lives follow suit and change too.


If there is something wrong in one’s life, there is something wrong in them.

We mirror what surrounds us, and what surrounds us mirrors us; this is a Universal Truth.

One must take responsibility for what is in one’s life.


The smallest or seemingly least important of things must be done because everything in the Universe is connected.

Each step leads to the next step, and so forth and so on.

Someone must do the initial work to get a job done.

Neither the first step nor the last are of greater significance. They are both needed to accomplish the task.

Past, Present, and Future are all connected.


One cannot think of two things at the same time.

If our focus is on Spiritual Values, it is not possible for us to have lower thoughts like greed or anger.


If one believes something to be true, then sometime in their life they will be called upon to demonstrate that truth.

Here is where one puts what they CLAIM to have learned into PRACTICE.



One cannot be in the here and now if they are looking backward to examine what was or forward to worry about the future.

Old thoughts, old patterns of behavior, and old dreams prevent us from having new ones.


History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.


All Rewards require initial toil.

Rewards of lasting value require patient and persistent toil.

True joy comes from doing what one is supposed to be doing, and knowing that the reward will come in its own time.


One gets back from something whatever they put into it.

The true value of something is a direct result of the energy and intent that is put into it.

Every personal contribution is also a contribution to the Whole.

Lesser contributions have no impact on the Whole, nor do they work to diminish it.

Loving contributions bring life to and inspire the Whole.

Easier to say than to consciously practice each one of this rules, or as I call them, suggestions, but working on each one a little bit every day, will make life easier for your own self and the ones around you.

-Polo Izquierdo is a dreamer who videotapes life in an effort to understand it. Find him on Twitter * Facebook * Vimeo


  1. only you know when Karma is making you pay for your bad actions, and must learn from that lesson as harsh as it might seem, very true when you say that Karma is a teacher, great post!

  2. Im all about good energy and the reciprocity of the univers towards how you transform Dharma and Karma


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