LGBT RADIO :: Bo Derek, Solomon, Alex Minsky, Helen Kennedy


LGBT RADIO – GGN EXCLUSIVE :: If you missed the original broadcast on SiriusXM Canada Talks CH 167 of The Shaun Proulx Show, hear it here. In this episode, GGN‘s publisher welcomes special guest, the legendary Bo Derek. If you’ve ever rated someone on a scale of 1 – 10 (“fat ankles; 3.5), know that the idea of scoring each other this way first became dominant in our culture when the movie 10 starring Derek came out in 1979. Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Derek had men lining up outside movie theatres around the world when the Hollywood blockbuster first appeared in theatres; her corn-row hair from the film ignited a global fashion craze. She joins TheSPS to discuss her international crusade for animal rights.

Gay rapper Solomon also guests – hear a flashback to Shaun’s interview with Lady Gaga and find out why Solomon reminds Shaun of early Gaga. Also learn about Solomon’s journey from being born to a drug addicted mother and having a father in prison, to owning who he is as a creative man making music that speaks his truth.

Also on the show, the gay male obsession with tattooed marine Alex Minsky, who lost a leg in Afghanistan, is discussed as Max MacDonald, editor of joins the show.

Facebook’s modern move towards inclusiveness by adding several new gender categories sparked both applause – and confusion. With over fifty different ways one can identify their gender now available on Facebook, it’s easy to understand why the bold move is generating kudos from trans equality supporters – and why the move is generating confusion from a general public who simply still have a lot to learn. Helen Kennedy, executive director of EGALE Canada, joins the show to discuss why Facebook’s move matters; this isn’t a ‘he’ ‘she’ world anymore.

In this episode we also pay tribute to Matthew Santos, the late cast member of 1 Girl 5 Gays; Shaun comments on all the negative speculation surrounding the cause of his untimely death.


  1. If it’s possible. I would like some info on how to hear this. Matthew is my brother, I was unaware of this and would love to hear what was said.
    Please and thank you


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