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STRONGER :: I may have grown up with Madonna, but it’s Britney Spears who joined in and continues with me on my journey. Madonna taught me what a virgin is. Spears taught me life may be hard, but it’s up to me to make it what I want.

Spears has been to hell and back, and she’s done it all in front of the world. And while she had to kind of know the price she would pay for having a public career, I’m sure she didn’t plan to have the type of public meltdown(s) she presented us with.

Yet it was her strength which she gave her the come back of all come backs: She was presented the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at this year’s MTV Awards, and honoured with a dance performance dedicated solely to her.

It was nothing but epic.

I admire Spears’ strength. Her 2000 hit “Stronger” is one of the tracks I’ve placed on my own Life Soundtrack. Although the song is about a girl who’s tired of her cheating boyfriend, for me it means something entirely different, it means to have strength in who I am and all I set out to do.

It also reminds me that no one can tell me differently.

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The video for that song is one of my favourites due to it’s simplicity. The dancing sequences features Spears alone except for a chair. The concept was entirely created by Spears. Her dancing is fantastic and makes me wish it was me in the video.

The brand that is Britney Spears is by now a well-oiled machine. Her every step is strategically planned. Even her meltdowns inside the 30 Mile Zone were all planned. (No one shows such behaviour in the 30 Mile Zone unless they want/need the publicity.) Her songs all have a robotic vocal, which has become her signature sound. Her videos are shot and released like feature films. Her TV appearances and her performances are well-organized. Spears simply shows up when she’s told to, gets dressed in what she has to wear. She’s scripted on what she’s to say and not say and then walks out on stage to execute.

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When the lights dim she quietly leaves to go back into her world without the press and onlookers.

I come from both the Madonna and Britney Spears generations. Madonna taught me to be brave. Spears taught me anything can be accomplished and overcome.

Just like the lyrics in “Stronger”, I’m stronger than yesterday.

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