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RIDE EDDIE, RIDE :: Summer.  It’s a time for being outdoors.  A time for enjoying the warm weather.  A time for my husband Shaun Proulx to turn to me and say “Wanna go for a bike ride?”

Urg.  A bike ride?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m an active guy.  But I’m active in ways that make me happy.  Biking is not usually one of them.  The hills, the gears, other bikers, cars…

But marriage is about compromise (well, not really, but that’s the preconceived notion, so let’s go with that), and being married to Shaun Proulx, means you are going for a bike ride… or several.

You cannot imagine the joy I got from our friends at Sweet Pete’s when I was shown the ebike!  Like a miracle from heaven this bike has answered all my prayers!  The Giant ebike is exactly right for someone like me.  Someone who likes to be outdoors.  Someone who wants to travel ‘green’ without all the physical exertion to tire you out.  Someone who respects and appreciates the ‘little push’ that the electric motor in this bike gives.

This isn’t a scooter, you still have to peddle, the bike is simply helping you along your way.

Let me paint you a picture.  You hop on your ebike, turn on the little monitor, and being to peddle.  The small electric motor comes to life, like a strong wind always at your back.  It kicks in high gear going up hills, and there are three settings: eco, normal and sport.  Eco to save on battery life and sport when the going gets tough and you want extra help.  The small electric motor pops easily out of it’s harness and plugs into any electric socket to recharge.

If you like the idea of being ‘green’ and getting exercise, without being a sweaty mess when you reach your destination, the Giant ebike is for you!

= "Electric Bike TheGayGuideNetwork.com"I’ll see you out on the bike trails!


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