NOMADIC BOYS :: 5 Things We Learned Travelling Through Asia

By on July 30, 2015


LIVING BY DESIGN :: Known as the Nomadic Boys, gay couple Stefan and Sebastien met over six years ago in London, England and have been together since. After many years of planning and saving, in June 2014 they quit their jobs and left their lives in London behind to eat their way around Asia. Here are five things they learned from their travels:


Nomadic Boys in Ipoh Old Town Malaysia, June 2015

1. Grindr is a godsend – Grindr is seen more as a sex tool back home in London so we’ve never needed to use it. But travelling in countries in Asia like India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka where gay laws are still in the Medieval ages, Grindr is used more as an extension of the gay scene in the absence of places to go to meet. Meeting locals is the best way to discover the local gay scene, country’s culture and the best foods. We have learnt that whether you are looking for sex or not (we’re not, for the record!), Grindr is one of the most effective ways we have met locals in each new country we’ve visited. 


Filipino friends showed the Nomadic Boys the gay scene of Manila in the Philippines, June 2015

2. Your body adapts to spicy food quick! – Thai, Indian and Sri Lankan foods are notorious for being the spiciest. But after a while you adapt to those spicy Indian curries, Sri Lankan devilled prawns or Thai Som Tam spicy papaya salads. And after a certain point you actually start to request a bit of spice to add a bit of kick to your food.


Quan showing the Nordic Boys around the best street foods and gay scene of Saigon, Vietnam, May 2015

3. Travel slowly – We travel slowly and ideally stay in certain places for large periods of time. This not only spreads out the budget, making it cheaper, but you also start to learn a place better then if you were just passing through. The longer you stay somewhere, the more likely you are to develop a sort of lifestyle, routine and group of friends.


Christmas party with Filipino friends in Bangkok, Thailand, December 2014

4. Book accommodation in person –  We always contact hotels directly to get the best deals. If you book via the online agents, the hotel has to pay them a commission, which they add to the price of the room. Turning up and booking in person directly also gives you scope to negotiate for a better deal.


Nordic Boys bathe in luxury at their hotel in Hue, Vietnam, May 2015

5. Keeping fit is possible – Keeping fit is a constant struggle for long term travellers but it does not need to be. Local gyms are usually cheap and easy to find and a great way to meet locals who are also into fitness.Working out in a local park in the morning is a great way to see a new place as well, particularly in countries like China and Vietnam where sports in public parks is popular, fun to watch and even participate in. Also, going for a run is a great cardiovascular activity to keep fit and see a new destination when you first arrive.


Stefan mocking this local gym sign in El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines, June 2015


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