POP CULTURE :: Food Queen McKenna and King Harder

She is the vivacious, instantly likeable, authentic Irish beauty who has helped positively re-brand modern Irish food, while enhancing the famous hospitality her land has long been known for.

He is the smart, sexy adult film star who has achieved what few of his ilk ever do: self-actualization and success during and after a career in porn.

Two examples of life by design by two seemingly different people from two very different countries and worlds were recent guests on my SiriusXM talk show, leaving lots of inspiring good life takeaway in their wake:Clodaugh McKenna: Chef, author of five bestselling cookbooks, restauranteur, and Evening Standard columnist; Chris Harder: Self-aware adult film star cum boylesque performer, currently touring North America with his witty one man show, Porn To Be A Star.

Food and sex. Was there ever a greater combo? While on Canadian soil, McKenna charmed on bestie Marilyn Denis’ chat show as Denis’ co-host for a special St. Patrick’s themed episode; Harder is set to charm Toronto when Porn To Be A Star hits Buddies In Bad Times Theatre for a three-nigher at the end this this month.

“All this porn talk! Did they not know you were having a a good Irish-Catholic woman on the show!” McKenna playfully scolded, before sharing her “moment” credo with us: ”Create a moment – as often as you can in life,” McKenna enthused, terrific example of what we here at GGN embrace and stand for. “I live for those mad moments because they are so good for the soul.”

I call creating moments “simple abundance” – making the every day holy using basic prosperity every one of us has. Use that better china, light the candles, guzzle the champagne – not because it’s a special occasion but because it’s Tuesday and that is occasion enough. Stop waiting for the day to be worthy of celebrating – make it worthy by celebrating.

Every time I have a guest on who is pursuing their passion, it is a passion they had since childhood. Same with McKenna, as she also revealed. What was yours?

Likely it was not what you just watched above. Porn star Harder probably didn’t dream of having sex on camera when he grew up, but we learn he definitely was an authentic boy who believed in having a life of his own design, another desire we encourage here.

Although never let it be said that living by design is always easy. “I think it’s typical human behaviour that we all try to discount each other,” Harder shares. “There is that narrative especially  in pop culture in porn or sex work where we fall apart or just can’t rise above anything other than our bodies.”

Below, hear the full interviews with two unique yet not so different people leading lives their way. The Shaun Proulx Show is heard every weekend on SiriusXM Canada Talks 167:

– Shaun Proulx is publisher of TheGayGuideNetwork.com, and leads a #ThoughtRevolution about busting through personal limits on ShaunProulx.ca, talks success and happiness on SiriusXM, loves his dog Ella, coaches, speaks, is writing two books, and thinks he’s gotta be the happiest guy he’s ever met.

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