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By on October 5, 2013

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SLOPPY SEXTING (Oh no I didn’t!) :: I met up with Carlos so we could catch up over some steak and frites. I hadn’t seen Carlos in a few months due to an overbearing relationship he was involved in, one of those relationships where the couple ends up doing everything together. It is nice to share most of your time with your partner but not all of it, especially if it cuts into friend time.

Carlos was now newly single and I had a ton of questions: How is the new place? How is work going? Any new crazy sex stories you need to fill me in on?

The waitress came over to grab our drink order. “I will have a dirty vodka martini,” I sputtered, in need for my daily dose of alcohol.

“I will have a green tea,” said Carlos. (And that is why Carlos has the best body ever. He never manipulates it with sin water.)

“So tell me about your newly single life, about your sex life!” I pressed on.

Carlos then began to tell me about his new dating regimen. He just recently signed up to Manhunt, like any other newly single gay man in the search for a good time, and a good time Carlos was finding.

Carlos filled me in on his hot bathroom stall sex, his exciting balcony sex. And then there was the guy he had sex with who had the mirror on the ceiling over his bed. It was like Carlos was training for the marathon or something. Oh the wonders of being newly single again.

But, it is not all fun and games, I learned.

One night Carlos was texting a sexual prospect and the texts became increasingly more R-rated. Soon they were in the midst of a sexting battlefield. Giving a sext and instantly receiving another sext. Finally, Carlos ended up sending a descriptive text about anal sex… which seemed to end the sexting marathon.

Carlos waited patiently for a response, but still there was none. He didn’t want to look eager so he took a quick shower.

When he was done Carlos was happy to see his phone blinking with a waiting sext message from his new friend.

However, to Carlos’ horror, when he looked at his phone there was a text message from his father – responding to his last sext message about anal sex.

“Wait, are you telling me you sexted your father back in Mexico about having anal sex?”

Carlos nodded with shame. I wagered my dirty martini was looking better to him than his green tea.

“Well, I hope you learned the most important rule of sexting,” I said to him as I finished my salty vodka. “You must always double-check before hitting the ‘send’ button.”

He nodded again with embarrassment. “And besides,” I said as I grabbed for my new martini brought as the waitress came by, “Nobody likes sloppy sexting!”

Least of all parents.

– Cole Douglas is currently studying his degree in PR, and is TheGGN‘s relationship blogger. Get more of Cole’s stories about love and sex on his blog, The Game.

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