SHAUN PROULX :: I Prefer The Mayor Smoke Crack

By on May 22, 2013

CONSIDER :: Have you heard? Toronto Mayor Rob Ford also uses the N-word in the video where he is allegedly seen smoking crack. As the now-international controversy continues surrounding the video in which Ford also allegedly calls Justin Trudeau a “fag”, a third faux pas has come to light: Ford also refers to Trudeau as a ‘n*gger’ (though Trudeau is, of course, neither homosexual nor black).

I’m totally making this up, but what if I wasn’t? As my husband Patrick said this morning, in a statement that completely snapped me awake with its hard truth: “I find it more upsetting that Ford used the F-word over smoking crack. If Justin Trudeau were black and Rob Ford called him a n*igger, the uproar would have been crazy.”

I couldn’t agree more. Perhaps the upset wouldn’t be as intense as what we’re seeing over Ford’s alleged crack smoking, but it would be there in full force. The N-word is one of society’s biggest no-nos. The F word? Not so much. From as far as I can tell, the “fag” part of the equation seems to have been met by a collective shrug, as though because we expect so little from him, because we know he’s not  fond of the gays, it’s not worth getting upset about.

As I watch a city that loves to complain – and especially a city that loves to complain about its current Mayor’s admittedly appalling behaviour – I’m appalled alongside The Husband that the focus is more on Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack and not on the fact he allegedly uses the F-word.

As someone all too familiar with the intrinsics of drug use, I’d rather have a Mayor who smokes crack, personally. Drug use at least, as I have come to understand, is always about someone willing to do whatever it takes to feel better than they felt before. They just want to feel happy and will do anything to achieve that feeling.

Calling someone a fag, on the other hand, as Rob Ford allegedly had, is indicative of hate; we know his intention when he says that word.

Mayor who wants to feel better, or Mayor who hates?

I know which I’d prefer, and what I’d be complaining about if I were spending my time, as thousands are, complaining about the mayor.

But I’m funny that way. Or maybe it’s the crack.

– Shaun Proulx is the publisher of He tweets often – like he’s high on crack! – herePre-order his debut book HIMBO! here.

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  1. Jack Haight

    November 5, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    If Mayor FORD really wanted everyone in Toronto to see this video why is his friend charged with extortion around this video…. he supposedly wants everyone too see.

    The issue isn’t he has smoked crack the issues are his obvious out of control ISM’S. he says he doesn’t and isn’t addicted to drugs yet keeps referring to drunken stupors doesn’t he realize alcohol is a DRUG!

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