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It’s not that I don’t believe in ghosts and angels and aliens, I just happen to have a little cynic sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear, “Ya right, that’s bullshit.”

But that doesn’t stop me from trying new things and experiencing the unexplainable.  Case in point, my good friend D is very spiritual and believes we all have guardian angels looking after us.  One day we were talking ghosts, and I was doing my usual, “Sure D, whatever… hocus, pocus!”  When suddenly I remembered something that happened to me as a kid.  Lying there, in bed, fully awake, I saw an apparition enter the room and walk directly towards me.  I wasn’t scared and I couldn’t look away.  Then, just as suddenly, it was gone.  When I described that experience to D, she said, “You still don’t believe.”  “Nope.” I said, having fun at her expense.

But like I said, I’m not one to turn down an experience, so when the opportunity for my husband Shaun and I to each have individual angel readings by Adam Busch came up, I took it.

Shaun has had readings before. I didn’t know what to expect so I went in first with a clear mind and no judgements.

When I entered the room, the smell of incense filled my nose.  There was a table set up with crystals, decks of cards and three peacock feathers. Adam explained to me that the feathers were his but as he prepped for my reading he sensed they ‘wanted to be there’ for mine and Shaun’s readings.  I told him that was very appropriate since Shaun has a thing for peacocks, and we lovingly call each other ‘Bird’.

Okay, one point for the Angels.

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Then we sat down and got right to it.  I chose a deck of cards and we started talking.  My angels appeared to Adam, two ladies with distinct personalities.  Those personalities jived perfectly with the core of my being right away.  Bear in mind, I didn’t know Adam from… well, Adam.

Two points for the Angels.

Then it was my turn to ask any questions.  I thought hard, and came up with one I knew Adam couldn’t know anything about (okay, I was testing him a bit).  He started asking me who this person was and who that person was, as if he had some inside knowledge about what I had asked him.

Angels three, Eddie zero.

Finally, Adam came out with something very personal.  I was speechless.  I started tearing up.  He asked me, “Are you okay?”

“Ya, I’m fine, but you’re right.  You’re right on.”

Angels shoot, and angels score.  I couldn’t deny it any more.  I gave right in at that point.

I left feeling clear minded, focused and surrounded by love.  The cynic was quiet.  He had nothing to say.


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For more information about angel readings, Adam Busch can be reached at adambusch@gmail.com


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