MONEY IS ENERGY :: Like all things, money is energy, and therefore it will give you back what you put into it and will respond to the thoughts and feelings you have about it. It’s why some people can make millions, lose it, then make it again, while others struggle to keep up on a paycheque-to-paycheque basis. We are so emotional about money because the basis of our sense of freedom and choice is tied into the subject of money. Money is one of the energies through which we experience life with ease or with strife. >Tweet this!

A simple and effective way of improving your relationship with money is to spend more time with it, however your current circumstances are.

“The more you become aware of this energy’s ebbs and flows, the more you can make it work for you in realizing your life dreams,” says Jan Gupta, personal money trainer.

Make it a practice to check your bank account and credit cards online at the beginning of each day so you always know exactly where you stand with available funds. Create a monthly habit of setting aside time to scrupulously review your bank statements, credit card statements, points statements, utility bills, etc. Yes, for some this means opening those envelopes.

Regardless of whether or not you like your financial picture when you begin this, you will gain a sense of knowledge and control and in all likelihood your financial story won’t seem so bad as perhaps you thought it would feel.

As added bonus, human and technical errors happen so frequently that your regular reviews will put more money in your pocket. To get started, examine the monthly fees charged by your bank. Can they be lowered? Do you have the right plan for the types of transactions you make each month? Verify each time a service provider says they will charge you X or refund you X that they actually do. Cancel services you no longer need. Watch for hidden fees.

You can expect to make one call per month when utilizing this practice and to find hundreds of dollars a year flowing back to you because of the new level of respect you’ve shown this form of energy.

Says Gupta, “This is a great way to start connecting with your “Money-Self” and to discover if you’re taking out more than you’re putting into it.”

More on money from Jan Gupta, here. Jan is an educator, speaker and coach who works with her clients as a personal money trainer to help them develop a joyful and confident Money-Self through self-awareness exercises.  She can be reached at 1-877-235-0909 and 


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