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HOT SPOT :: LGBT Barcelona is the destination queer people everywhere can’t stop talking about. Of course there’s the architecture that leaves you breathless, those incredible world-famous Gaudi creations, and the friendly, helpful (dare we say, almost Canadian?) vibe of the people. It’s a stunningly beautiful city, with a gay areal called L’Eixample (nicknamed GayEixample (pronounced gay-eye-sham-play).

When we got wind a Canadian mover-and-shaker is packing it all up, aiming to add their own queer touch to Barcelona’s thriving queer scene, we asked Barcelona’s Alan Acho for an insider’s take on why Barcelona has become a global gay mecca.

Barcelona is a lesson in living well:

And They Lived Happily Ever After – Gay marriage has been legal in Spain since 2005. Gay couples have exactly the same status that straight couples; homosexuality is quite accepted in Spanish society.

It Is Better – In 2014 Catalonia, the state of Spain in which Barcelona is located, has passed an anti-homophobia law that aims to defend LGBT rights. Thanks to this law, people physically or morally offending members of the LGBT community could be fined by up to 140.000 euros. So if someone wants to insult you on the street because of who you are, they had better think it twice before doing it. This law is the first of its type in Spain.

Friendships Are A Priority – There are several organizations in Barcelona for those who like to enjoy their free time. There is a LGBT sports organization, an LGBT inter-college student organization, an LGBT organization for immigrants and some other. There are organizations for different ages and activities. One of the most famous LGBT organizations is the Casal Lambda, which takes in charge different activities like the publication of their own magazine or a dancing evening for its members.

City Support Of The Above –  Most of the events are organized by the city council, including  LGBT cinema festivals or LGBT literature festivals are also organized by the city council as well. The support of Barcelona’s LGBT community lives high on the city’s agenda. (And lest we forget, Barcelona supports the Circuit Festival, the biggest Gay Festival in Europe that brings more than 65.000 people to the city every August!)

The Gayxample – Last, but not least, what would it be of a gay-friendly city without a gay neighbourhood that allows for a quiet coffee or a naughty night? Barcelona is no exception, it also has a neighbourhood in which several gay and lesbian bars, clubs and restaurants are found: the Gayxample. Originally called “Eixample”, LGBT people began to occupy the area in such numbers that it soon adopted the name “Gayxample”.

– For more information on LGBT Barcelona contact Rainbow Barcelona.


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