WORLD AIDS DAY 2013 :: The Shaun Proulx Show


THANK YOU! :: This episode was the most talked-about program on December 1st, World AIDS Day. Due to popular demand, enjoy this special presentation of The Shaun Proulx Show throughout December. Sponsored in party by AbbVie and The Village Pharmacy (Toronto)

Says Proulx, who hosts and executive produced the show: “This isn’t  just for HIV stakeholders, this show is for anyone dealing with circumstances in their lives that result in judgement – from self or others. Anyone dealing with ageism, sexism, racism, body fascism, people with money problems, relationship problems – everyone, in other words – will relate to the conversation we’re presenting. It’s a conversation that is ultimately about taking the circumstances of your life – whatever they are – and the empowerment that comes from seeing them differently than you might have ever before.”

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