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Stay tuned for the announcement of our 5th Annual Shaun Proulx Paradise Plane experience for 2017. It’s our 5th anniversary, you won’t want to miss out. Check out footage from our previous adventures:

 The Shaun Proulx Paradise Plane January 17th-24th 2016, Riviera Maya, MEX:

The Shaun Proulx Paradise Plane January 19th-26th 2015, Punta Cana, DR:


S.Travel with contest winners & friends in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 2014. Image: Jeannot Guay.


The Shaun Proulx Paradise Plane in Las Vegas, NV. 2013

We tore up Las Vegas on a Shaun Proulx Party Plane vacation with Shaun and his team and had a blast! They are experts at both chilling out AND dialling it up! We’d travel with them again in a heartbeat.”-Joey Viola & Monty Tayara. – MOJO Toronto

What a memorable and inspiring evening on a moonlit beach in Mexico surrounded by old and new friends. Thank you @therealshaunproulx for inspiring us to throw our good intentions into the ocean and for bringing us all together.  -Erin Griffiths-Devito 

“Best vacation I think I’ve ever had!  S.Travel picked a fabulous resort.  My friend and I booked through SPM, but were travelling from Calgary.  When we arrived at the resort, all of the SPM staff and fellow travellers greeted us in the lobby of our hotel with cocktails!  The SPM staff went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable in our hotel room, that we all had beach chairs together, and they handled all dinner reservations at the A la Carte restaurant.  I also loved the night our group did an evening in town.  Dinner at a fun restaurant, then to a drag show to see Miss Conception.  What a fantastic night!  The group did one other excursion, which was a whale watching boat tour.  Outstanding!” – Janet Perry, Calgary

Best.time.ever. The Shaun Proulx Paradise Plane adventure was fun , sexy, relaxing, beautiful , emotional and the best holiday I have EVER had. there were funny moments , touching moments and moments that we will not speak of. -Carrie Chesnutt 

“I had a wonderful vacation with the Shaun Proulx Media Paradise Plane. I had my first experience with the Group, 2 years ago in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and had such a great time that I felt confident I wanted to spent my Winter 2015 & 2016 vacation with them. Our travel companions are always the best part but what made the experience even better was our Trip Coordinator, Sabrina, she made sure that we were well informed regarding timelines of:
                   – arrival and departures to and from the airport
                   – restaurant reservations
                   – Any other inquiries we might have.
Her patience and helpfulness made a difference in our vacation. I am so looking forward to joining the Shaun Proulx Media Party Plane in 2017.”  – Jeannot Guay, long time traveller of The Shaun Proulx Paradise Plane 


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