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    WORLDPRIDE 2014 :: The Latest Announcements

    WORLDPRIDE ONE-STOP :: GGN is your one-stop info shop for all things WorldPride Toronto 2014. Get Gold Access this WorldPride by signing up for our Gold Access WorldPride newsletter...

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    LOVE LIST :: The Very Latest In Awesome

    LOVE LIST :: Your ultimate go-to for the latest in awesome things guaranteed to make you love life more. The love is continually updated! #WhatsOnYourLoveList? LOVE THESE GREENS! We’ve got a...

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    HOW TO CLEANSE :: Detox 101

    DON’T POO-POO A CLEANSE :: Doing a detox cleanse, also called detoxing, is becoming increasingly popular, and this time of year is the perfect time to give your body some...

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    FRANKIE KNUCKLES :: Remembering A Legend

    DANCE QUEEN MISS RAQUEL REMEMBERS FRANKIE KNUCKLES :: In 2004, Barack Obama declared August 25th “Frankie Knuckles Day” in Chicago. That same year, the city named a street after...

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    ENDOWMENT :: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

    ENDOWMENT (AND YOU THOUGHT CARRIE BRADSHAW HAD BIG PROBLEMS) ::  I met a guy online to release a bit of tension from the week. You know, one of those men...

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    FRANKIE KNUCKLES DEAD :: Long Live The Godfather Of House Music

      FRANKIE KNUCKLES DEAD AT 59 :: Frankie Knuckles, universally regarded as the Godfather of House Music, is dead at 59. He passed away in Chicago; complications from diabetes...