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Summer Of Yes

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    AUGUST READING :: Three Books For The Beach

    SUMMER MUST READS – THREE BOOKS FOR THE BEACH :: There’s nothing quite like a blanket, sand, surf, sun and a good book. This season seems ripe with choice....

  • The-Gay-Guide-Network-Molly-Johnson-Because-Of-Billie
    MOLLY JOHNSON :: Because Of Billie

    TWO LEGENDS RETURN :: Infidels, Alta Moda, jazz chanteuse, Juno winner, early AIDS activist (she’s raised over $6 million for the cause), Queens Jubilee Medal and Officer of the...

  • The-Gay-Guide-Network-Billie-Jean-King-Jill-Cruse
    EMPOWERMENT :: Jill Cruse Breaks Barriers

    SISTERS DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES :: Gregarious Jill Cruse is a true queer success story. The photographer and vice-president of Olivia Travel, the travel company for lesbians, sets an example...

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    LOVE LIST :: The Very Latest In Awesome

    LOVE LIST :: Your ultimate go-to for the latest in awesome things guaranteed to make you love life more. The love is continually updated! #WhatsOnYourLoveList LOVE THIS SHOW! Get thee a television...

  • Shaun-Proulx-Party-Plane-Punta-Cana
    Win A Trip For Two To Punta Cana!

    Win A Trip For Two To Punta Cana! :: We can’t wait to board another Shaun Proulx Party Plane this winter – and we want you to join us!  We’ll...

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    Win A Trip For Two To Montreal Pride!

    THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. CONGRATULATIONS TO GGN READER ADNAN CAMPOS!   Win A Trip For Two To Montreal Pride! GGN is a proud sponsor of  the 2014 Fierté Montréal / Montréal...